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Our compassionate staff understands that the transition from treatment to the real world can be challenging. That is why we are dedicated to creating sober living homes in Los Angeles that facilitate personal growth while promoting independent living skills. Each of our team members has extensive experience in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders and is ready to help you achieve a fulfilling life of sobriety—one step at a time. If the thought of returning to your life after alcohol rehab leaves you feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed, then you should consider transitioning to a sober living home. A sober living home provides a structured environment and the support you need as you gradually transition back into normalcy while maintaining your sobriety.

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Even when they feel cravings, temptations, or triggers, they are surrounded by peers who understand what they are going through and can provide the support they need. Irina Jodzio is the Parent Intensive and Family Group Facilitator at Harbor House Review. Irina has an extensive background working with young adults and their families, and has been participating in the Harbor House Review community for many years, helping the young men recover. Known for their strategic acumen, David excels in cultivating impactful connections within the community and driving collaborative initiatives. Their passion for supporting individuals on their recovery journey is reflected in their ability to convey the mission of New Life through effective marketing campaigns. The recommended amount of time to remain in a sober living home is at least a year.

Young Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

Public safety officials add there were no working smoke alarms in the building. New Brighton officials say the person pulled from the building, as well as one other, are expected to fully recover from their injuries. Leonard is Joint founder of Birth Defects Foundation (now Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children) and originator of the brand River Island and MD of River Island to June 1994.

What are Common Struggles After Rehab?

It’s essential to take the time to identify and address these underlying factors to prevent relapse and ensure long-term recovery. A comprehensive treatment plan that includes aftercare is crucial in helping individuals maintain their sobriety and build a new life in recovery. Unlike alcohol rehab programs at a treatment facility where you complete treatment in a specified period, sober living homes allow you to remain a resident for however long you need. So, you do not have to feel rushed and are given all the time you need to work on your recovery after alcohol rehab. At our structured sober living for men in Los Angeles, we incorporate the entire family into the recovery process.

Lifelong Process of Addiction Recovery

He says that going through New Life taught him to adopt responsibility and value his relationships, and he wishes to help others with doing the same. Dominic is the Manager at New Life West, and  is a graduate of Harbor House Review Review himself. As such, Dominic has a comprehensive understanding of the program, and a love for helping others actualize their recovery. Outside of the recovery home, Dominic is a passionate skydiver, surfer, and fisher.

  1. Nigel is an experienced leader with a proven track record of leading and managing complex services and delivering change and innovation.
  2. With a commitment to fostering positive change, David serves as a dedicated Business Development professional for New Life, a structured men’s recovery home.
  3. However, establishing an aftercare plan, or planning to enter a sober living home, can ease the transition from rehab to your everyday life and set you up for long-term successful sobriety.
  4. He works to spread education and awareness on issues surrounding mental health and substance abuse as well as help families navigate the difficult waters of getting a loved one help.
  5. So, you do not have to feel rushed and are given all the time you need to work on your recovery after alcohol rehab.
  6. Even if your loved one is not, we’ll help you find the right place for them.

Howard Barker handles all of the outreach and community engagement at Harbor House Review. He works to spread education and awareness on issues surrounding mental health and substance abuse as well as help families navigate the difficult waters of getting a loved one help. Howard has spent the past 8 years working with young adults and their families, being a support during times of crisis. Sebastian has been participating in drug and alcohol treatment and recovery for over a decade, and has a passion for assisting people as they work through areas of life similar to the ones that he has struggled with. Sebastian has worked with Harbor House Review in a variety of roles, and spent time both directing the houses and focusing on the alumni, as well as working with the clinical team at Clear Recovery Center. Thousands of disabled and terminally ill children would go without essential equipment if it wasn’t for people just like you who choose to support Newlife.

In addition, Los Angeles provides an array of recovery-oriented activities which many residents attend together. We pride ourselves on having one of the most robust, active alumni communities and support programs in the recovery world. Harbor House Review is not a place where young men are dropped off and families are forgotten — it’s a home that involves everyone in the recovery process.

We believe that for your son to successfully recover, the process should be a partnership. Our family program structure is built to provide support, guidance, and insight every step of the way. At Harbor House Review Recovery Community, we have built a treatment team that inspires hope and recovery among the young men who enter our sober living homes in Los Angeles, California. We also partner with professionals to provide clinical services for our program participants. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of sober living in a caring and supportive environment.

We offer a lifeline for families, providing life-changing and life-saving specialist equipment when and where it’s needed. Childhood cancers, birth defects, accidents, diseases and infections can all cause disability. It was during this break that she first entered the world of additional needs when her second child was diagnosed with ASD.

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